Elder Abuse

Each year hundreds of thousands of older persons are abused, neglected and exploited by family members and others. Many victims are people who are older, frail, and vulnerable and cannot help themselves and depend on others to meet their most basic needs.

Elder abuse is an umbrella term used to describe one or more of the following:

  • Physical abuse, physical pain or injury.
  • Sexual abuse, e.g., non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.
  • Emotional or psychological mental anguish, e.g., humiliation, intimidation, or threats.
  • Financial or material exploitation, e.g., using the resources of an older person, without his/her consent, for someone else's benefit.
  • Neglect or failure of a caretaker to provide goods or services necessary to avoid physical harm, mental anguish or mental illness, e.g., abandonment, denial of food or health related services.
A wonderful resource for those wanting to know more about elderly protection is Louisiana's Elderly Protective Sources, located here. The EPS is a state organization set on making sure that elderly individuals are cared for properly throughout the community. They state

EPS is the program administered by the State of Louisiana with regional offices that respond to reports of suspected abuse or neglect against persons aged 60 and older.  EPS acts to prevent, remedy, halt or hinder acts of abuse and neglect against an elder adult in the community, while promoting the maximum possible degree of personal freedom, dignity and self-determination.  Only when other efforts fail will EPS recommend referral or admission to an appropriate care facility for the elder adult, or seek judicial remedy to the situation.

The organization has a wealth of information available to help concerned citizens or families of elderly individuals worried about a situation. Should there be a cause for alarm or proof of abuse, contacting an attorney, as well as the EPS, is essential. When individuals who cannot care for themselves are harmed, the judicial system has precedence and legal ramifications in place to make amends and prevent any further problems from occurring.

If you are a concerned relative or friend of an elderly person you believe is suffering from abuse in the Louisiana area, we'd like to hear from you. Contact us online or call us at 504-527-6225 TO SET UP A FREE CONSULTATION.